Press Release - July 30, 2007


Weston Digital Technologies today announced the re-launch of its Website ( which will provide worldwide clients with a more comprehensive and in-depth background to Weston Digital, its products and its services.

"These are exciting times at Weston Digital and we were keen that the re-launch of our website should coincide with the announcement of our new Symphony™ family of products. Over the coming months we will be expanding the website and we are working with our clients in order to highlight the truly innovative solutions that we are now developing," said Mike Partridge, Commercial Director.

About Weston Digital Technologies

Weston Digital Technologies is one of the world's leading providers of voice, video and data recording solutions. Weston Digital's mission is to provide its private and public sector clients with universal recording solutions tailored to match specific needs, enabling them to meet their regulatory and business requirements.

Headquartered in the UK, Weston Digital is a technology-driven company that has long been at the forefront of innovation within the industry. For more information, visit the company's website at

MiFID II - An Opportunity

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