January 12th 2018

In response to expanding compliance obligations and high customer demand across all sectors, Weston Digital Technologies has announced that its popular Unified Communications Recording and Analysis platform – Symphony 7 – now supports multi-modal Skype for Business recording.

Symphony 7 with Skype for Business recordingFrom MiFID II to PCI-DSS, regulatory compliance is tightening. Increasingly, businesses are required to record, manage and retain customer interactions, including those conducted via Microsoft’s Skype for Business platform. Organisations must be equipped to capture interactions across all modes of communication, including SfB, voice, video, conference calls, IM and screen-sharing.

Weston Digital Technologies’ Symphony 7 with Skype for Business recording allows customers to easily capture Skype for Business interactions alongside existing communications channels, enabling businesses to meet their compliance obligations from a single, centrally managed solution.

Weston’s MD Derek Townsend explains:

"No matter what business you’re in, be it finance, contact centre, local government or public safety, the regulatory landscape of communications recording is shifting. Weston’s customers across all sectors were telling us that they needed to record Skype for Business interactions - including video, conference calls and IM - as part of their compliance recording strategies. Since Symphony already offered our customers a solution for compliant recording, retention, search and reconstruction of communications, it made perfect sense to bring Skype for Business into the same ecosystem. Symphony’s familiar workflows and centralised management make it easy for businesses to have unparalleled control and at-a-glance understanding of all communications channels, now including their Skype for Business interactions - and our powerful search and reconstruction features make regulatory compliance refreshingly straight forward."

But, with communications technology developing at an unprecedented pace, Townsend sees the recording and retention of Skype for Business interactions as just the beginning of a new era of technology-driven regulation. He goes on to explain how he believes that soon, recording will no longer be enough.

"In recent years we have seen a major overhaul of legislation across all sectors to keep regulation aligned with the way businesses and their customers communicate today. Much of this new legislation pre-empts technology that does not necessarily exist yet, so that regulations made today will stay relevant as technology develops. We know that legislator’s expectations will continue to increase in line with evolving technologies - and businesses will be expected to keep up. In the near future, this will mean going beyond merely recording; adopting speech technologies and advanced data analytics will become a default requirement in mitigating risk and ensuring positive customer outcomes."

He continues:

"Perhaps unsurprisingly, many businesses have indicated to us that they find this a daunting prospect and some wrongly assume it will be prohibitively expensive to keep up with evolving regulations. That’s why we’ve designed Symphony 7 to be easily adaptable, modular and fully scalable. We use open architectures that can integrate with best-of-breed technologies as they emerge. What's more, our innovative licencing models mean that all businesses - from SME’s to enterprise level operations - can benefit from Symphony's advanced compliance tools at a price they can afford."

Weston Digital Technologies’ Symphony 7 with integrated Skype for Business recording is available now.

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