Symphony Audio Search
Built upon Nexidia's industry leading Search Grid technology, Symphony Audio Search brings advanced phonetic search capabilities to the Symphony platform.

Fast and Efficient

Symphony Audio Search enables rapid searching across large volumes of voice recordings for precise discovery of spoken words and phrases. Audio Search greatly reduces review times of recorded material and increases the accuracy and relevance of returned search results. With Symphony Audio Search, Symphony users can easily mine recorded interactions and leverage captured data to improve all aspects of business process and quickly maximize return on investment.

Cost Effective Single Solution

Audio Search integrates seamlessly with other Symphony modules to provide a single solution that is cost effective, scalable and remarkably easy to use. Combined with Symphony's Smart Folders, Audio Search allows reviewers to easily find recordings according to spoken audio content; saving time and providing a set of data with high degrees of relevance to review criteria. Whether it's for streamlining Quality Management, enhancing Incident Reconstruction or improving the Customer Experience; Symphony Audio Search can improve operational efficiency and inform strategic decision making across many sectors.

Key Features at a glance:

  • Applicable to all recorded audio including TDM, mobile and VoIP and multimedia
  • Easily and precisely discover relevant material from recorded interactions
  • Replace time consuming and expensive processes with a cost effective, single solution "in the box"
  • Increase volume and relevance of reviewed calls
  • Improve business processes and increase revenue and growth
  • Easily prove regulatory compliance
  • Provide targeted training to increase staff productivity and moral
  • Build customer loyalty by delivering an improved customer experience
  • Invaluable for fact verification, incident reconstruction, dispute resolution, Quality Management, staff training and much more